Phases of Wealth Management


Phase 1:


  1. Understanding your worth
  2. How to realize the difference between internal and external rate of return
  3. Saving vs Investing vs "Gambling"
  4. Three Buckets of Taxation
  5. Utilizing the power of time and compounding

Phase 2:

Design and Build Your Wealth Plan

  1. Where am I now, where do I want to go?
  2. Identify your wealth potential
  3. Tax-Efficiency Analysis
  4. Asset Diversification
  5. Create Investment Policy
  6. Take Action

Phase 3:

Increase and Preserve Wealth

  1. Frequently evaluate plan
  2. Monitor, and mitigate risk
  3. Create an Extended Health Care Plan
  4. Adjust strategies as needed

Phase 4:

Distribution, Estate and Legacy Planning

  1. Ensure your Standard of Living is properly funded for life
  2. Focus on Estate Tax Strategies to mitigate loss after death
  3. Unify team of advisors
  4. Make sure all necessary documents are in place
  5. Oversee a seamless transfer of assets